AGRIS Business Management System

The proven AGRIS agribusiness management system includes modules for accounts payable, accounts receivable, bank management, commodity management, custom file transfer (CFT) and web service communications, fuel transaction importing, general ledger, inventory management, patronage and equity accounting, payroll accounting, and system control and security.

For improved accuracy, information access, and efficiency across all key areas of an agribusiness, the AGRIS system integrates with Cultura operational solutions – including:


  • Capture, consolidate, and customize vital information in a logical, organized manner with powerful and flexible reporting features to help meet your business requirements.
  • Define multiple contract types and establish flexible contracts on a contract by-contract basis to accommodate customers’ needs.
  • Manage shipments, weights, and grades with ease and minimize lost margins for origin vs. destination.
  • Calculate settlement details automatically and eliminate manual calculation errors.
  • Minimize risk and know where you stand immediately with real-time capabilities for positions, storage, and contracts.
  • Analyze inventory positions and margins at the organization, location, and customer level for enhanced risk management and increased margins.
  • Manage account balances with ease as customer transaction information flows seamlessly between system modules.
  • Improve transaction controls, processes, and reports to maximize data integrity across multiple locations, products, and resource pools.
  • Integrate to operational systems such as scale automation and automated bin management systems to automate processes, maintain up-to-date information, improve accuracy, and eliminate duplication of effort.
  • Easily manage and track durable goods - including chemical containers and application equipment - to improve regulatory compliance and inventory control. (See related article in Ag Professional how CHS agronomy locations use AGRIS for container tracking.)