binSight Automated Bin Management System

The binSight bin management solution helps improve binning, blending, reporting, and traceability with features such as an electronic bin board, blend calculator, scale automation integration, and real-time reporting.


  • Improve decision making and traceability with up-to-the-minute, accessible inventory information for correct binning.
  • Know quantity and quality information with weighted average grade factors per bin to meet contract requirements and produce more profitable blends.
  • Gain easy access to information for generating reports for more effective operations management, historical information, planning, and compliance.
  • Keep track of grain from start to finish – where it came from, where it goes in the facility, and where it is shipped – for traceability and identity preservation.
  • Gain control in addressing tough issues like moisture shrink.
  • Maximize the value of your inventory with better blending
  • Integrate to the oneWeigh™ scale automation system to ensure correct storage bin assignments.