Compac Gold Grain Trading System

Established and proven in the marketplace for over thirty years,  Compac Gold is widely deployed and used by many leading agribusinesses.   Its specific trading functionality and system flexibility enable it to operate across the full range of trading functions, from single-site businesses to national multi-site enterprises.

From commodity and raw material procurement through analysis, stock, and sales, to merchandising and distribution, Compac Gold’s feature-rich and user-friendly functionality facilitates improved business performance through increased consistency of quality, reducing risk and ensuring accuracy.

Modular in design, highly configurable, and scalable, Compac Gold v6 offers grain traders and marketing organizations contract management & authorization; customer relationship management; sample, quality control, and lab management; position management; grain marketing & pools; stock management; invoicing and billing; self-service portal; business-to-business Integration, and weighbridge Integration.

Features include:  position reporting & market valuation, configurable sample, stock and movement analysis by commodity type, contract matching, logistics management,  claims management, futures, workflow & customization, provisional & prepayment invoicing & self billing, 3rd party storage accruals,  assurance management, user-configurable segmentation and categorization of customers and suppliers, and email/fax Integration.


  • Built –in customer relationship management functionality allows businesses to develop stronger relationships with growers and customers via easy to access, accurate and centralized information.
  • Comprehensive quality and lab functionality allows businesses to manage the consistency of grain quality in the supply chain. Samples and analysis details can be accurately recorded and linked to purchase, sales, and shipping contracts. This provides easy access and review of the commodity quality and grade to improve buying decisions based on accurate, consistent, and real-time information.
  • Integral logistics management functionality improves efficiency and cost control by providing effective planning and execution of call-offs and freight bookings, covering internal and external carriers and including haulage billing and weighbridge integration.
  • Forward Cover position management provides traders with real-time position information facilitating improved decision making based on up-to-date information, including current market valuation, stock, and forecasts.
  • Effective control of contract administration ensures the accurate and consistent maintenance of contracts in a simple, intuitive, and efficient manner.
  • The flexibility within Compac Gold’s matching functionality enables planners to make informed decisions when organizing the freight and supply of grain from source to destination. Decision support is provided to show planners the sample and specification information, assurance criteria, costs, and preferred freight suppliers.
  • Improved communication throughout the business using Compac Gold’s diary functionality ensuring any event, internal notification, task, or call is recorded centrally and accessible by any individual within the organization. Integration to email allows the rapid, efficient distribution of documents and reduces costs.
  • Easily integrate to any other back office and message routing hub using the latest XML technology, reducing costs by electronically exchanging documents such as invoices and order/contracts.
  • 24/7 self service with the Inteletrade online portal allows customers and suppliers real-time access to their account information, contracts, planned deliveries, samples, and movement analysis information.
  • Improved accuracy of Invoicing and self billing helps to reduce administration costs by automatically pricing movements and applying adjustments, additions, and deductions based on actual analysis and contractual terms.