Compac Gold Feed Management System

Compac Gold is a proven feed solution deployed throughout the market place and established over thirty years.  Using the latest technology, it allows you to monitor performance and improve mill productivity with accurate, real time production information. Highly configurable, the system is able to meet the business requirements of both multiple and single-site feed producers operating local or centralized sales order processing and purchasing.

Compac Gold has a range of features to assist in production planning, inclusive of cross contamination checks at the planning and dispatch stages of the process.  These features embrace and accommodate the rapidly evolving and increasingly stringent requirements imposed by the industry on all management and control systems whose core functionality relates to production and distribution in the supply chain. Finished products can be traced right back to their raw material origins and automated batch tracking ensures that RPSGB requirements are fully met.

Combine Compac Gold’s standard functionality with established integration to other specialized systems and you have a flexible and efficient feed solution, enabling the delivery of significant productivity gains to your business.

Compac Gold feed modules include: raw material contract management & authorization; customer relationship management; sample, quality control, and lab management; position management; grain marketing & pools; stock management; invoicing and billing; formula management; production management; claims management; stock management; transport trip planning; sales and purchase order processing; self service portal; business to business Integration; and weighbridge integration.

Features include:  position reporting, feed label declaration, batch traceability, feed assurance, raw material requirement planning, stock visibility with physical and free stock views, stockholding, product and formula configuration, prescription and additives functionality, consignment stock, multi-location, third party storage cost accruals, contracts call-offs, integration to weighbridge, process control and least cost formulation, user configurable segmentation and categorization of customers and suppliers , workflow and customization, email/fax integration, and integration to Microsoft Excel and Word.


  • Built –in customer relationship management functionality allows businesses to develop stronger relationships with suppliers and customers via easy to access, accurate and centralized information.
  • Improved communication throughout the business using Compac Gold’s diary functionality ensuring any event, internal notification, task or call is recorded centrally and accessible by any individual within the organization. Integration to email allows rapid, efficient distribution of documents and reduces costs.
  • Easily integrate to any other back office and message routing hub using the latest XML technology, reducing costs by electronically exchanging documents such as invoices and order/contracts.
  • Reduced administration and re-keying with real-time stock updates provided through the integration to process control application and weighbridges.
  • Improve accuracy and efficiency of product, cost, and formula management through integration to least- cost formulation applications.
  • Multi-location, multi-mill functionality to enable stock control and visibility of raw material requirement consolidated across locations or at individual locations.

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