ExtendAg Food Processing Product Suite

Agri-food corporations and businesses around the globe are rapidly embracing new forms of supply management technology to help them discover and capture value. These systems make the substantial leap from managing your business to managing all of the businesses involved in your supply chain. That is where you'll find a new wave of opportunities to improve your bottom line. We would like to help you find it with ExtendAg management tools and services for agri-food businesses.

Chemical Compliance

To meet the growing demand for accountability related to food safety and traceability issues, ExtendAg components enable you, working in concert with your growers and crop consultants, to better manage pesticide application information, and ultimately, your risks.

Hauler Logistics

Greater load and scheduling efficiency can result in significant savings when it comes to moving raw product from field to facility. Our Delivery Logistics program provides you and your transportation providers with pertinent, timely information about load location and arrival times.

Inspection and Grading

With accurate crop grade information necessary for sound production management decisions, our program captures weight, grade and quality for raw products, allowing you to evaluate the crop before it ever reaches your plant.

Supplier Management

Sharing information in a confidential environment during high-activity times is vital for informed decision-making. Our system enables you and your business partners to efficiently exchange planting, estimating, scheduling, harvesting, delivery, and logistics information.

Delivery Reporting

Knowing the quantity and quality of the crops delivered to your processor or packer can allow you to react quickly and proactively manage to boost profits. ExtendAg Delivery Reporting identifies problems as soon as the product is received at the processing or packing facility.

Financial Management

ExtendAg's Financial Management module provides you the ability to better handle grower contracting, pricing and payments, improving your level of service to your suppliers and gaining accounting efficiencies as well.

Inventory Management

Tracing a crop from the field to your facility and beyond is essential to improving management of perishable commodities, and preserving the crop value. Our product manages raw products and ingredients based on quality, quantity, origin, and inventory location.

Load Sequencer

Timing the delivery and receiving of perishable products is the key to ensuring freshness and quality. With the Load Sequencer, you can stage loads at the plant based on value, origin, and other variables thereby providing improved raw product utilization and optimizing plant operations.

Ingredient Management

This is a collaborative tool for first-stage processors and remanufacturers designed to optimize the processes involved in the planning, production, storage, and shipping of ingredients. With this tool, business partners can streamline their operations and provide a higher degree of traceability in their supply chain.

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