Generation Seed Management System

Cultura’s Generation seed software embraces the challenges and requirements faced by seed producers and processors.  Generation is a specifically designed ERP solution for the seed industry offering total traceability compliance.

In addition, it enables businesses to maintain and record accurate stock levels to efficiently meet client demand. Comprehensive and easy-to-use functionality ensures that orders are processed on time with invoices and self bills being generated with the correct product, quantity, and pricing information, enhancing customer service and encouraging customer retention.

Generation’s advanced functionality allows greater control of your business processes reducing time and effort to administer regulatory compliance and official audits through improved data quality and integrity.

Included within Generation are  the following solution components: grower contract management, laboratory, stock control, seed processing certification, seed mixing, sales and purchase order processing, management information and reporting, automated fax/email integration, and business-to-business integration.

Features include: integrated grower contract with yield based quantities, farm and field details, crop inspection recording and configurable quality triggers, official form submissions, royalty reports, unique product construct, automatically generate seed lot references and certification details, special mixtures, treatment and packaging stock control, price lists and quotations, position enquiry, assurance management, back-to-back orders, and load management plus delivery planning.


  • A central repository database facilitates the ability to record and trace any delivery of seed directly back to the farm and field(s) where the seed was produced via a simple, easy to use interface.
  • Delivery planning increases accuracy and efficiency, maximizing multi-drop deliveries and ensuring the correct product is delivered at the customers' designated time and place.
  • Automatic individual transaction recording ensures all key details are captured for traceability purposes and can be accessed through easy-to-use enquiry screens.
  • Comprehensive quality and lab functionality allows businesses to manage the consistency and quality of seed. Samples and analysis details can be accurately recorded and linked to production contracts, intake, certification details, and stock. This provides easy access and control of the seed quality to improve quality control based on accurate, consistent, and real-time information.
  • Improve efficiency and reduce administration when processing official form submissions and PHSI (Plant Health and Seed Inspectorate) and BSPB (British Society of Plant Breeders) audits by providing all the pertinent information from a single, easily accessible database.
  • Easily integrate to any other back office and message routing hub using the latest XML technology, reducing costs by electronically exchanging documents such as invoices and order/contracts.
  • Improved accuracy of invoicing and self billing helps to reduce administration costs by automatically pricing movements and applying adjustments, additions, and deductions based on actual analysis and contractual terms.
  • Maximize opportunity and enhance customer service using the position enquiry feature to accurately view stock availability of your seed products direct from your desktop.
  • Process official PHSI (Plant Health and Seed Inspectorate) and BSPB (British Society of Plant Breeders) audits more efficiently.

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