Kit Commodity Trading System

The Kit™ commodities trading solution is a modern, comprehensive integrated software suite for firms that buy and sell commodities.  Typically, these are businesses that need to manage physical contracts, control costs and risk, position, shipment, invoicing of customers and payment to vendors and third parties involved in the supply chain.

Used by traders, brokers, distributors, and procurement organizations around the world, Kit™ manages a wide range of commodities including grains, pulses, metals, minerals, and petro-chemicals.   We serve clients across the agriculture and food, metals, minerals, energy, soft’s and specialty commodity groups, dealing in the complete business cycle from grower/producer to final customer/ consumer.

Kit™ Modules include: foundation layer, trading suite, logistics suite, finance suite plus Microsoft Dynamics™ GP.

Features include: security, multi-currency, fixed data, trading users, contract administration, position & valuation reporting, futures contracts, options contracts, foreign exchange contracts, letters of credit, execution – road–rail-shipping-spot deliveries, inventory control, inventory storekeeping, weigh scale integration, invoicing – customer-vendor-on-costs-self billing, circles and differences(washouts), trade & credit limits, pre-paid contracts, receivables management, payables management, general ledger, account level security, analytical accounting, bank reconciliation, electronic bank management, electronic management suite, encumbrance management, field level security, fixed asset management intercompany, and multicurrency management.


  • Kit™ provides one central data source of information together with a complete real-time view of the business.
  • Duplication of data entry and errors is significantly reduced with security and access control measures increased, allowing flexibility to manage business operations more effectively.
  • User access to current, accurate information is readily available according to role and authority level, which includes all trading and financial information.
  • Profitably trade and manage commodities between buyer and sellers while  managing the detailed pricing, quality specifications, and terms against each individual contract.
  • Manage business risk by easily accessing your up-to-date trade position.
  • Reports separately on trade and credit limits as contracts are recorded and before goods are shipped.
  • Effectively manage trade-related costs throughout the contract lifecycle.
  • Manage the arrangement of product shipment, end to end with the associated documentation required at each sector.
  • Provides high levels of customer service and responsiveness.