oneWeigh Scale Automation System

The oneWeigh system helps grain facilities keep scale traffic moving and expedite billing with ease and flexibility. No matter what your facility layout, processes, or expansion plans, oneWeigh solutions fit your setup and level of automation needs to help you improve your shipping and receiving operations.

Watch the videos below and see how the oneWeigh system provides practical automation tools for improved accuracy and customer satisfaction.


(Note: the video below does not include an audio track.)



Platform Scale Automation Benefits:

  • Create scale tickets quickly and easily and reduce manual data entry and costly errors.
  • Keep traffic moving and decrease wait times for truck unloading and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Automatically record information using RFID technology and auto ID features for easy and quick identification and tracking the load throughout your facility.
  • Validate ticket information and improve communication with outdoor Message Boards for improved accuracy and customer satisfaction.
  • Quickly and easily convey accurate information to the receiving pit area with automated transmission of load information.
  • Connect to analytical grading equipment to reduce costly errors.
  • Enhance convenience for customers with outdoor printers.
  • Create delivery tickets and process sales orders for bulk product purchases and sales, expediting invoicing and improving inventory management and billing integrity.
  • Improve accuracy and save time with integration to the AGRIS business management system and binSight bin management system.


Bulk Scale Automation Benefits:

oneWeigh bulkweighing automation systems eliminate manual processes and ease your workload. Whether you’re loading or unloading railcars, barges, ships, or trucks of grain, coproducts, or processed goods, the oneWeigh bulk scale automation system is designed for ease, speed, and accuracy. With precise hopper system control, rapid draft cycles, and intuitive interfaces, the system is simple to use.  

  • Maximize your loads, attain target weight precision, and improve turnaround times with precise, fast automatic loading and unloading.
  • Save time and keep your operations moving with rapid draft cycles and elimination of trimming
  • Eliminate labor-intensive, time-consuming manual processes with RFID tag reader technology.
  • Free up operator with minimal monitoring needs and hands-off operations.
  • Eliminate hassles with an easy-to-implement system that is compatible with various bulk scale designs.
  • Manage business needs and reporting requirements easily with AGRIS business system integration.