From consulting to installation to support, Cultura can help you get what you want from your business software and IT infrastructure.

Agribusinesses of all sizes trust us to provide them with the most effective software solutions.

Whether or not you have an in-house IT department, our experts in the agriculture and software industries are able to provide a solution tailor-made to suit your requirements.

Cultura offers the following:




Cultura professionals can provide advice to help you maximize efficiency and avoid costly mistakes. Whether acclimating employees for a move to a new software system or going through an acquisition or merger, Cultura has resources to guide you in making the right choices that fit your business requirements.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Cultura can provide the expertise you need to ensure all the bases are covered in data consolidation and software system considerations and that a plan is in place for a seamless transition.

Project Management

Cultura is the perfect technology partner for your customized, business-specific software functionality needs. Upon launch of a software development initiative, a project manager is assigned to oversee the project from start to finish and provide information on the deliverables, outline the phases of the project plan, and oversee each step such as usability testing, roll-out, and training.

Data Integration

If you face questions on pooling data from multiple sources, let Cultura consultants guide you through the maze of data integration, helping you obtain the most comprehensive picture of your business for analysis and decision making.

Planning for a New System

Getting employees informed, involved, and on-board when moving to a new system doesn’t have to be daunting. Cultura consultants can help your company set expectations with your personnel and educate everyone on the benefits of the new system so that moving to a new system is a smooth, rewarding change across the business.

Business Process Optimization

Cultura consultants provide comprehensive assessment of your business processes and practices, giving your company insights and ideas for greater success. Our Business Process Optimization consulting allows you to:

  • Learn how to refine and optimize your processes and put industry best practices to use based on your objectives.
  • Improve profitability by reducing operational expenses and learning ways to remedy costly inefficiencies.
  • Eliminate bottlenecks and bolster productivity.
  • Use Cultura as a third-party industry expert for an objective evaluation.




System implementation

Our experienced Professional Services team works diligently to ensure the smoothest of implementations with a minimum of disruption to the client's business. From start to finish, customers are guided through a step-by-step installation process:

  1. Business Analysis: Project Manager gathers a detailed understanding of the customer’s business and their processes.
  2. Basic Boot Camp: A high-level introduction to the Cultura software through lecture, demo, and/or hands-on workshop.
  3. Hardware Configuration: System installed correctly on supported hardware.
  4. Software Configuration: Software is configured based on customer business processes and Basic Boot Camp experience.
  5. Data Migration: All data from previous system has been imported into system and verified for accuracy.
  6. Operations Training: User training to introduce the system and ensure ability to perform job functions on the new system.
  7. User Validation: Customer has tested the setup and configuration of the system for accuracy in their business processes.
  8. Beginning Balance: System is loaded with all beginning balances and checked for accuracy
  9. Transition: A Cultura representative is available onsite to assist in use of the new system.
  10. First and Second Month-End: Customer’s subsidiaries and ledger are in balance and accurate.





Our training services - whether onsite, online, or in a regional location - help Cultura software users obtain the knowledge needed to get the most out of our products.

Onsite Training

A highly-skilled resource comes right to you to provide hands-on training at your facility. Your business benefits from knowledgeable professionals who will apply proven education approaches to your particular situation. Onsite training helps you learn ways to enhance employees’ skills and business processes through focused, hands-on training sessions that help you take full advantage of your technology system and improve productivity.

Online Training/Webinars

Sessions conducted by an instructor via the phone and Internet offer a convenient and cost-effective training option without having to leave your office.

Regional training

These hands-on sessions enable customers to gather with industry peers for instruction time as well as exercises for practicing what is learned. These popular events are limited in size for optimum instructor-attendee ratios and typically sell out in a few weeks.



Technical support

Our hardware and software analysts, who are highly skilled in the agriculture and software arenas, help ensure successful use of our products - from answering basic how-to questions to consulting on product usage situations to drive business improvements. The exceptional service provided by our support team results in repeated top ratings year after year in customer surveys.

Cultura customers on Maintenance & Support have 24/7 access to our online customer portal, the MyAccount Community, as a first line of support and the quickest way to find answers. The MyAccount Community goes beyond the standard Internet-based knowledge repository by offering customers three valuable means of assistance.

Knowledge Base

The knowledge base contains over 1,000 articles ranging from solutions of common problems to training documents for advanced features. Our Technical Assistance team continually works to provide new documents and update articles to ensure the latest questions and answers available.


This customer-driven site provides the opportunity to submit questions for review and response by peers in the industry and experts within Cultura Technologies. These questions range from business-specific guidance to user experiences with Cultura software.

Video Library

Customers can build their knowledge, access in-depth training at any time, and step through a solution, all by just pressing play.